Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant

The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant is located in Pike County in Ohio on a 4,000 acre reservation. The plant was in operation from 1954 to 2001, when it was managed and operated by Goodyear Atomic Company. Portsmouth was designed to enrich uranium from 0.7% U-235 up to 98% U-235. The plant consists of three large process buildings (X-326, X-330, and X-333). In addition, other major support functions include: maintenance (building 720); decontamination of process components (building 705); chemical cleaning of components (building 700); assembly of converters (building 700); UF6 feed vaporization (building 342); and product shipment (building 344). Currently, plant management at Portsmouth consists of U.S. Enrichment Corporation and a number of DOE contractors and subcontractors including: Theta and Pro 2 Serve (TMPC) (infrastructure contractor); Los Alamos Technical Associates and Parallax (remediation) and; Uranium Disposition Services (depleted uranium hexafluoride conversion plant).

Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant

K-25 Complex

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